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Product Design.

Intelligent products that balance the needs of your customers, business, and global environment.

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Who we are | Product Design & Engineering

We combine smart engineering and strategic product development to better understand customers, accelerate growth, and protect the environment.

We never speak in abstract words and phrases.

We always try to understand people and why they need new products.

We want to create things that are useful and beneficial.

We have a responsibility to be more sustainable.

We operate in the real world.

Design for people

By putting people at the centre of our product design approach, we define market opportunities and find new ways of creating products that provide true benefits to individuals.

Design for reality

Applying a rigorous engineering mindset to every project, we create functional designs faster, improve product performance, and deliver lower production costs.

Design for the future

Our goal is to meet the needs of today’s society without compromising our ability to provide for the next generation.

Our Clients | product design & engineering

Having worked across a broad range of design problems, our team is well placed to tackle the most demanding specifications.

Our aim is to build strong, lasting connections with our clients; supporting your future growth through robust product design.

Industrial Design

Transparent P3 Respirator

Industrial Design

Momo Audio
Wireless Earbuds

Industrial Design

Baker Co.
Anaerobic Workstation

Industrial Design

Wet Works
Waterproof Phone Case

Industrial Design

Herbal Oil Dispenser

Industrial Design

Heavy Industry
M/ATX Computer Case

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What our clients say.

" We contacted Heavy Industry to help us research and develop a new product concept within the dental PPE space. They provided us with great support every step of the way, right from initial idea through to prototype and user testing. The quality of their work was fantastic and I would fully recommend them for any design work in the future. "

Matthew Evershed
Trigiene Dental

" As a start-up company on a tight schedule, we were very happy with Heavy Industry's responsiveness and quality of work. Their design and prototyping experience were impressive, and they provided great advice on areas outside the scope of our project - saving us valuable time. "

7Gen Gmbh

" We worked with Heavy Industry to develop some conceptual designs for our customers working within the drone and Quantum technology industries. They quickly grasped the scope of the work, identified early the challenges and delivered to us on time and within budget. This then went on to enable both our customers to secure their funding and the next round of their development. "

R. Gray
STL Tech

" We had a great experience working with Heavy Industry who managed the design project efficiently. We really liked the way they communicated regularly throughout the project cycle. The quality of their work was fantastic and we look forward to working with them again. "


Our Product Design Expertise

How can we help you create the next great new product?

From early research to manufacturing sign-off and all in between. Our design expertise spans the full product development process, transforming ideas into physical reality. Every project is planned around your unique requirements, and our product design services are tailored to provide the best possible support.


Design Research + 
Project Strategy

A carefully developed strategy is the foundation of all design projects. We define testable targets stating what each product must do, who for, and why.
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User / ethnographic research


Competitor analysis


Demographic research


Task analysis and journey mapping


Human factors / ergonomic design


Sustainability and life-cycle design


Regulatory compliance and CE certification


Industrial Design +
Product Development

We're experts at crafting exciting new product concepts. Through thoughtful evaluation, we present ideas with the best commercial prospects.
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Concept design


Colour, material and finish (CMF)


Industrial design


Electronic development


UI/UX design


Brand development and graphic design


Design Engineering +

Robust engineering is a key component to any successful project. Through an iterative process we build and test our ideas to ensure they will work in reality.
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Computer aided design (CAD)


Mechanical engineering


Computer aided engineering (CAE)


Rapid prototyping and product testing


Design for manufacture and assembly (DfMA)


Electronic prototyping


Product cost analysis


Manufacturing +

Whether sourcing a manufacturing partner or looking for investment, our experience will enable you to effectively plan, present, and execute your route to market.
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Supplier sourcing and auditing


Crowdfunding campaigns and marketing strategy


Regulatory compliance testing


Technical drawings and production specifications


Product presentation boards and advertising


Intellectual property protection


3D product animations and motion graphics


Packaging design