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Momo Audio | ZEN 01 - True Wireless Earbuds

Creating a new user experience for the Bluetooth earbud market.

Momo Audio approached us to develop a new high-end Bluetooth earbud design, aimed at solving several usability issues identified with existing devices. By solving the problems users expressed with current-generation devices, we developed the Zen 01 - a new design that provides several key benefits that differentiate the product from its current competitors.


A modular design providing an un-interupted listening experience.

Separable batteries that improve recyclability and reduce e-waste.

Design services


Computer aided design (CAD)


Computer aided engineering (CAE)


Rapid prototyping and product testing


Design for manufacture and assembly (DfMA)


Electronic prototyping and development


Product costing analysis


Design Research + Market Strategy

Getting the ergonomics of the earbud right was an essential part of the early product development process. Through research and analysis of anthropometric data, we use the most relevant dimensional information to inform the size and form requirements for the new device.

Ergonomic assessment of inner ear dimensions

Ergonomic Assessment - Anthropometric data for the human ear; established measurements were used to inform development of the new earbud design


Industrial Design +
Product Development

Definition of a design direction aligned to your customers and aspirations is an essential first step in the conceptual development process. Once a characteristic colour, material, and finish (CMF) approach has been defined, we explore the mechanical solutions to the design problem and incorporate the new design language.

Moodboard images for new design language

Moodboards - A contemporary set of forms, finishes, and colourways were developed to align with the innovative and insightful characteristics of the new device.

Conceptual development of the Zen 01 wireless earbud

Concept & Brand Development - The aesthetic and functional detail of the Zen-01 earbud was developed in conjunction with a re-branding of the Momo Audio identity.


Design Engineering + Prototyping

By focusing on the key performance targets, our goal is to build, test, and iterate the prototype design to perfect the complete solution. With a specific focus on comfort and ease of use, we were able to create a product that is both compact and enjoyable for the customer to wear throughout the day.

In conjunction with our electronic development partners, we followed a collaborative process to ensure that all key components were correctly located and housed within the final assembly.

Iterative prototyping of Zen 01 wireless earbud

Development Prototypes - Several phases of prototypes were tested to ensure that the final design was a comfortable fit within the inner ear of the user.

CAD assembly of Zen 01 wireless earbud

CAD Development- The final assembly was created around the PCB assembly and battery components. Specific features were developed to provide the unique functionality of the new product.


Product Manufacturing + Marketing

Effectively explaining the key features of any new product is crucial to gaining support and selling unique concepts. To help implement a future crowd-funding campaign, several promotional boards were produced to highlight the Zen 01 and its benefits over competitor devices.

Marketing board displaying key device functionality

Primary Features - An explanatory board showing the key functionality of the product and associated ecosystem.

Marketing board showing high-end audio components used in the Zen 01

Audio Features - To highlight the high-end audio componentry utilised in the Zen 01, a board was created to convey this technology in a visually interesting way.

Marketing board showing sales features and product target market

Sales Board - A full marketing board was created to display the key features of the Zen 01 in the context of the final target market.

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