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Why work with us?

We design products through an atmosphere of transparency and collaboration with our clients.

As a team of creative thinkers, we've helped companies bring products to market across a myriad of different categories. By becoming immersed in every project, our mission is to create truly unique experiences that perform in the real world.

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Our Expertise

How can we help you create the next great new product?

From early research to manufacturing sign-off and all in between. Our design expertise spans the full development process, transforming initial ideas into physical products.

Our Design Process:

We offer a full range of product design services from concept to production. Every project is planned around your unique requirements, and our design services are tailored to provide the best possible support.

Please explore our design phases to learn more about what experience we can bring to each stage of the product development process.


Design Research +
Project Strategy.

We analyse all the fundamental aspects of your product to develop new insights and project strategies. Ergonomics, life-cycle analysis, and ethnographic research are just some of the methods we use to define specifications and justify important design decisions.

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Industrial Design +
Product Development.

From a blank sheet of paper to fully established proposal, we develop feasible design concepts that show the best technical, commercial, and marketable prospects. By following an expansive, team-based approach, we make sure that as many different solutions are explored and evaluated as possible.

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Design Engineering + Prototyping.

As experienced engineers, we know the importance of defining technical concepts that are both grounded in reality and can be mass-produced efficiently. By following an iterative development process, we ensure concepts are rigorously tested and validated to ensure that they meet the most demanding design specifications.

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Product Manufacturing + Marketing.

Understanding your route to market, and the intricacies of your manufacturing processes are the essential ingredients to successfully deploy your final design. With extensive experience in delivering high-volume products across a wide array of manufacturing processes, we ensure that each component is ready for final production through a verified manufacturer.

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