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Design Engineering + Prototyping.

Robust engineering is the key component that enables new design. Through an iterative process, we build and test our products to ensure they will work in reality.

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Design Engineering + Prototyping

As experienced engineers, we know the importance of defining technical concepts that are both grounded in reality and can be mass-produced efficiently.

The third development stage takes the final design proposal from paper concept to resolved and tested prototype. Through iterative cycles of prototyping and testing, we build our understanding of the overall design solution and reduce any identified design risks before proceeding to production.

Robust engineering allows us to create working designs faster, improve performance, and lower production costs. We start by applying basic first principles to predict and define mechanical systems. Designs are then rigorously evaluated and iterated through both physical testing and computer-aided engineering (CAE) processes.

Design for manufacture and assembly (DfMA) principles are integrated throughout our development process, ensuring ease of final production and efficient product assembly.

Design services:


Computer aided design (CAD)


Mechanical engineering


Computer aided engineering (CAE)


Rapid prototyping and product testing


Design for manufacture and assembly (DfMEA)


Electronic prototyping


Product cost analysis

Key questions answered:

Does the design meet specifications and how has this been tested?

What is the estimated cost to manufacture the product?

What are the main technical challenges and development risks moving forward?

How is my product received by users and what can be improved?

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