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Industrial Design + Product Development.

We're experts at crafting exciting new product concepts. Through thoughtful evaluation, we present ideas with the best commercial prospects.

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Industrial Design + Product Development

From a blank sheet of paper to fully established proposal, we develop feasible design concepts that show the best technical, commercial, and marketable prospects.

Our second development phase is where we explore the many potential solutions to achieve your specific design goals. By reviewing concepts objectively, and establishing clear marketable benefits/risks, we make sure that designs with the best technical and commercial opportunities are taken into final development.

Short-hand ideas are firstly mapped to explore the many available opportunities to solve each aspect of the design problem. Potential solutions are then evaluated collaboratively, with the most viable and interesting options taken forward into later development. Selected concepts are finally presented to show their proposed mechanical, functional, and aesthetic configurations. Colour, material and finish options are developed alongside sustainable design choices that aim to reduce the environmental impact of the new product.

Design services:


Concept design


Colour, material and finish (CMF)


Industrial design


Electronic development


UI/UX design


Brand development and graphic design

Key questions answered:

What will the product look like and how will it function?

Which concepts best meet the design goals and what are the risks going forward?

What technical challenges have been identified and how will we solve them?

How can our design decisions improve the environmental performance of the product?

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