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About us

We're a Product Design & Engineering Company based in Liverpool.

With over a decade of experience, our team specializes in overcoming complex design challenges to bring new products to market. We combine creative thinking, technical engineering, and strategic planning to transform innovative ideas into tangible solutions.

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Who we are

A dedicated team of product development experts.

Combining smart engineering with strategic product development, our product design consultancy focuses on understanding customer needs, accelerating growth, and embracing environmentally conscious design. With extensive experience navigating the full development process of new ideas, we have the expertise and determination to bring your next product successfully to market.

We immerse ourselves in all aspects of every project. Only by working to meet the needs of everyone involced can we create successful products that delight customers.

We believe in an integrated development process. By combining our designers, engineers, and researchers into a unified group we ensure that the best concepts are defined and realised.

We believe in the principles of life-cycle design and the circular economy. More important than ever, we feel achieving these goals represent some of the most difficult challenges facing design today.

What we Believe

Design for people.

Our design process uncovers the needs of users and businesses to create beneficial products. By putting people at the centre of our design approach, we define new market opportunities and find new ways of creating products that provide true benefits to individuals.

Our goal is to understand each customer's needs and motivations. By developing empathy with real-life challenges, we are able to define and develop new design concepts drawn from true experiences.

We collaborate with all key individuals throughout the development process, enabling us to discover new insights and examine our progress as we move toward market launch.

By following a people first approach, we enable the development of verified design concepts that reduce the risk of failure and provide platforms for future success.

What we Believe

Design for reality.

As an integrated team of designers and engineers, we only create concepts that are feasible and grounded in reality. By following a systematic approach, we make sure designs are understood at an early stage, with the most realistic options taken forward into final development.

As an integrated, collaborative team, we ensure concepts are generated and evaluated by both conceptual and technical thinkers throughout the design process.

By applying a rigorous engineering mindset to every project we create functional designs faster, improve product performance, and lower production costs.

What we Believe

Design for the future.

Sustainable product design is about creating beneficial product experiences whilst maintaining a long-term balance with the planet's natural systems. Our goal is to meet the needs of today’s society without compromising our ability to provide for the needs of the next generation.

As a product design consultancy, we embrace the responsibility to improve product sustainability and make it our imperative to do the best we can to create products that are balanced within the economy.

By integrating this way of thinking throughout our design process, we aim to improve awareness and promote better ways of providing the products we need with less.

As keen students of sustainable product design, we're always learning about new materials and business practices that can help reduce the environmental harm of the products we create.

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